Cognitive hypnotherapy uses the client's natural trance states to assist in uncovering the feelings, thoughts and memory patterns that lead to a problem and continue to maintain it. Cognitive hypnotherapy employs techniques to modify these patterns so the client is able to take control of their behaviour. The therapist acts as a skilled guide, helping the client find their own solutions.

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is based on observations of how people who excell in their field achieve their results. Patterns of human sameness and difference were identified, which could be used by others to improve performance. A large number of techniques have been developed from these strategies, which can be used by people to improve their lives. By understanding the structure of the internal map we use to make sense of the world, can identify negative thought patterns that inhibit us and change them.

Therapist: Efisia Sais

Session (1hr) £50

Concessionary rates are available at the discretion of individual practitioners.
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