Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy for treating problems such as trauma, stress, anxiety and phobia. It works by focusing on the traumatic events in the past that have led to problems in the present. When people experience particularly frightening or distressing events, the brain can often find it difficult to process these experiences properly and over time can re-experience the trauma as if it were still happening. Vivid memories of the trauma, if left untreated, can repeatedly return to haunt a sufferer and may result in anxiety, stress, phobic reactions and mood disturbances.

The therapist uses EMDR to help people gradually revisit the trauma in structured ways and enable the brain to fully process the trauma, to 'digest' it and so help the sufferer come to terms with it and move on with their lives. Over the last 18 years evidence has accumulated supporting EMDR as an effective treatment for problems associated with distressing memories.

Therapist: Efisia Sais

Session (1 hr) £50
Concessionary rates are available at the discretion of individual practitioners.
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