Candida Valentino - Kalari Uzhichil/Chavutti Thirumal, Udvartana (ayurvedic powder massage), Ayurvedic Facial

I have been practicing Kalari Uzhichil/Chavutti Thirumal massage since 1996. After several visits to Trivandrum in Kerala to train at the Yoga Therapy Institute set up by Dr Pillai, I went on to practice this massage at Natureworks in Mayfair, The Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate and TriYoga in Primrose Hill.

I have also participated in many yoga retreats including a three month stay at a health spa in Sri Lanka called Ulpotha. More recently I have been treating dancers at the Ballet Frankfurt and am currently setting up a practice in Geneva, Switzerland.

I have spent the last three years going to South India to stydy with Vinay Kumar whose familly comes from a long line of Kalaripayattu warriors and healers. This has helped me deepen my understanding of the Kalari Uzhichil/Chavutti treatment and its related medicine.

I can assist clients to improve their health through teaching techniques such as, pranayama, kryias and chi-kung.

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